Street Kids Program




In 2006 two Christian sisters from the town of Seltso, Russia began working in the “Street Kids Ministry” in Bryansk, Russia.  Since that time, God has put into their hearts a desire to start the same type of ministry in their church in town of Seltso.  They approached the church council who together with the church members came together for a meeting and prayed about the great need for this ministry.

The town of Seltso is located in a suburb of Bryansk and is second highest in drug addiction and HIV of the whole area.  There are many ill-fated families who have large debts because of the high rent or impossible mortgage payments in city of Bryansk, forcing them to move to the town of Seltso.  It is because of the high poverty level in that town that there are so many needy children.

God answered the prayers of the two sisters when the church council voted to start a “Street Kids Ministry” in Seltso.  The church council said that God also answered their prayers by sending money for food through the Come Over and Help “Winter Help” program just at the right time. “Great is Gods faithfulness, He hears the needy when they cry.” The two women were now eager to start the ministry for their own church. 

The church obtained addresses of the children in needy families from the State Social Office in Seltso and under the leadership of Pastor Nikolay; the two sisters began delivering food aid packs to the houses of these children.  They were shocked with what they saw.  Families completely destroyed by sin, drunken parents and filthy conditions which were a breeding ground for disease.  Parents totally neglected their children and were not interested in them at all. There were children walking around naked, hungry and sick.

After visiting one of these families, the pastor exclaimed, “I could not even imagine that children in our town lived in such severe conditions!”  To locate some of the children they sometimes had to drive to 5 different addresses, because the children did not have a permanent place to live.  They had to move around because of lack of room, lack of food and/or abuse.  Some lived with acquaintances or relatives.  The constant drunkenness of the parents and hunger forced many of these children to leave home, drop out of school and look for a means to survive on the streets.  The visitors stated “The visits to these places left a scar in our hearts and we could not ignore these unhappy faces”.  It was decided by the brother’s council to open the church doors for these children immediately.

At the Sunday service it was announced that there was a great need for food and clothing for these children.   They also expressed the great need for these children to be accepted and loved….   The church family responded!  Some of the women have promised to come twice a week to cook meals and many offered food and clothing for these homeless children.

They held the first meeting for the street kids at the Seltso Church in November 2007!  Every Tuesday and Friday from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm children can come to the church, were they are loved and accepted as they are.  The day program includes 2 meals, Bible lessons, help with homework if needed, music lessons and games and crafts.  But the most important thing for these children is that some one loves and cares for them.

We ask you to pray for these children and also that through this ministry we may also reach the parents.  It is their aim to start a Bible lesson program for the parents as well.  Please pray that families may grow together in love and responsibility toward each other.