Snap Shots from the Street


First a special thanks to you and God for financial stability in this troubled time. The financial support received from you has not only provided assistance for forty to sixty homeless, but also given our rehabilitants the opportunity to learn to serve others. After such a long period of work with the homeless, it has become easier to talk to them about Jesus Christ, about heaven and eternity! For a long time, the homeless listened with a grin and were listening only because after prayer we served soup! Now they are more open; they ask questions and listen to the Word of God while looking right into our eyes.


Not only the homeless have started coming for food. Rehabilitants who participate in the “Soup Bus” ministry invite their friends who are alcohol addicts. Sometimes former prisoners who have not yet settled down come. Once there was another situation. A woman came with her two-year old daughter and went right to the beginning of the queue. As it turned out, she was afraid that someone among the homeless could have an open form of tuberculosis, and that her little daughter could contract it. Since then, those responsible for distributing the food prepare her food right away and after the prayer immediately give a portion to her and her child.

A young man of thirty-two came to the “Soup Bus.” His name is Maxim. After a few visits, he came and started to ask questions about confession and about the goals of the “Soup Bus” ministry, etc. As it turned out, he had attended church, he knows the Bible, but has lived in such way that he ended up homeless. He was abusing alcohol and “light” drugs. Maxim asked to undergo rehabilitation and is now at the rehabilitation center “Anchor.”


How did you learn about the “Soup Bus”?

One homeless guy invited me for a dinner before Easter.

What kind of opportunities does the “Soup Bus” give homeless?

You can just have a meal and it is your first step towards knowing about God. You can simply get acquainted with Christianity, and get into the rehabilitation program.

How important is the “Soup Bus,” in your opinion?

It is literally very important. It is an “open door,” an aid for people who do not smell good, have suppurating wounds, or are drunk. There is a city dining-hall you can come to and eat at but you need to register first to receive a pass- ticket. The registration thing makes it impossible for some to go and get it, and not everyone feels comfortable to go into society, having feelings of inferiority.  To the “Soup bus” that is at the church building, you can come as you are. You can get help for acute needs, whether it be clothes or medication. You can simply eat and go and you do not owe anything to anyone. You feel yourself alright. Here you are provided with healthy food… yet I have always waited for Friday because there will be coffee and tea! This “Soup Bus” is the place where you can meet people who know the way out and will help you to find it too.

Maxim’s testimony encouraged us. We are happy that finances and work are not being wasted, and that this work is also expanding the Kingdom of God. Thank you to you, our sponsors, and the organization “Light of the Resurrection”!