Sponsor a Pastor

You can make a general donation of any amount toward pastor support. If you would like to support a specific pastor, please call the office.

COAH is increasingly involved in the support of pastors. There is presently a tremendous hunger for the Word of God in the former USSR. Pastors are preaching the doctrines of free grace as never before. We may say that this is nothing less than a nation-wide awakening. This is not a revival in the sense that large segments of the population are affected by the gospel, but what is happening is that throughout the entire country there are groups of men and women gathering to hear God’s Word preached. Many of these people were previously fully indoctrinated under communism. Conversions are happening in many places. God is clearly at work.

One of the greatest blessings a country may receive is the gift of faithful ministers of the gospel. Russia, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries are presently blessed with hundreds and hundreds of these ministers. COAH has been able to make contact with a variety of these pastors. What is remarkable, is how biblically-grounded these pastors are. Their desire is to preach only the truth. 

These pastors are very devoted men. Their income is very meager, for many cannot find steady work. Yet, in deep poverty, they labour on and seek to be faithful in preaching God’s Word. The love of Christ constrains them. 

COAH tries to assist these pastors by providing them with financial support. The aim is that every pastor who receives support from COAH is examined as to his conduct and preaching. COAH aims to support faithful pastors who are Scriptural in their preaching.

May we urge you to remember prayerfully the work that is taking place in these vast countries? The fields are white and ready to be harvested. The laborers need support. Let us remember them. May God’s Kingdom come and may sinners be converted to Him. Let us realize our responsibility towards these poor ministers of the Gospel.



Spirits of Bondage and Fear

Here in Yakutia, there are a lot of unwritten laws and traditions from grandparents. All of them are connected with the belief in spirits, and that our lives depend on them. When I was in school in the 8th grade, a girl named Lyuba sat next to me at the same desk. One
day she asked me: “Do you believe in God?”
I replied, “No, I believe in spirits.” After all, we have a lot of spirits: the spirit of fire, the spirit of lake, Alas spirit, the spirit of the taiga, and so on. But inside of me, I wanted her (Lyuba) to be my wife one day when I would grow up.

Once, during exams, I went into the woods where was a huge tree called the shaman tree. There were many remnants of offerings such as bones and skulls of animals near the tree. I wrote a letter with the following wishes: that when I would grow up Lyuba would become my wife, and also that I would pass my exams successfully. I hid this letter under the bark of the shaman tree. Older people would tell us that when you write a wish and hide it in this tree, it will become true. But, unfortunately, the request was not fulfilled. After the 8th grade, Lyuba went to study at a medical school in the city, and was killed there. But still, my eyes were closed, and I did not know who to ask for help.

I grew up, got a driver’s profession, and traveled extensively through Yakutia by truck. While I traveled, I gave sacrifices to the spirits at the boundaries of the districts, as usual, where there are special places and trees. When I went hunting or fishing, I always carried vodka to treat the spirit of fire. When I went to a funeral, we always had to clean ourselves after them, by going through the fire so that the spirits of the dead would not bother me. In short, to tell the truth, all that I did was not with joy, but with fear to please these spirits.

The more I wanted to please these spirits, the worse my life was. I strongly drank alcohol, and I drank a lot of vodka. Life lost its meaning for me with suicidal thoughts beginning to appear. One day, I picked up a rifle, and decided that I would commit suicide. When I first tried to fire, the gun misfired. I was angry that it did not work right away, and I did not kill myself. So in anger, I hit the floor with the rifle butt. I remember nothing after that. When I woke up, I was missing a part of my lower jaw, and I was covered in blood, but alive. Now, many years later, I understand that the Lord has kept me alive. So, I became scarred, without a piece of the lower jaw and teeth, and with a skewed face.

The Power of Christ

One day I had a dream in which I saw that white and black angels were fighting for me. I could not understand what it meant.

I went to Krest-Haldzhai to speak to Pastor Valeriy Burtsev, of the Church of Evangelical Christians. I told him of this dream. Valeriy told me that I needed to repent of my sins and believe in Jesus Christ, who died for my sins. Then, for the first time I prayed to Jesus Christ. Thank God, He opened my eyes. When I came to believe in the Son of the Living God, Jesus Christ, I stopped doing all those pagan ceremonies. Satan had no more power over me, because the name of Jesus Christ now protected me.

In recent years, together with several of the missionaries, I have been travelling to the Northern District of Yakutia. Before each trip, I gladly pray to Jesus Christ my Saviour, Overseer of my soul. When we hold meetings with people, I am pleased to tell that Jesus Christ has made me free from the fear of spirits, in which I lived constantly. Jesus gave me the victory over them, yet I still had a strong dependence on alcohol and tobacco. But these bad habits dropped away, thanks to God. Because, as we say, a person drinks and smokes because of grief. But when you know the Strong and Powerful, the Beloved Saviour, and ask for forgiveness and help, He gives peace and quiet, and there is no need to refer to alcohol and tobacco. Now I understand that those spirits who “help” us in our life (as my ancestors told me), are in actual fact, fallen angels. From these only a curse can come.

Then usually on our traditional holiday Ysyakh we do the same rituals that are not pleasing our God: asking the fallen angels to help us in life. It is not a blessing (algys, as we say), but it is a curse. Making sacrifices to treat spirits is contrary to God. “For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings” (Hosea 6:6). “Offer unto God thanksgiving; and pay thy vows unto the most High: and call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.” (Psalm 50:14).

God loves our sacrifice of praise. We must pray to the Living God in the name of Jesus Christ.

Now it is not necessary to give a sacrifice when you have a relationship with the Living God. We have to bring thanks to the Lord, and He will protect and defend. Now I ask for “blessings” not from spirits, but I ask God, and He fulfils all my desires, if they are in His plans. I live with Christ and by Christ.