Food Parcel Project


The Food Parcel Project aims to provide the neediest families from low-income, socially-isolated families with monthly food parcels. The help given is connected with personal visitations of the families and providing them with spiritual and emotional help.

There is a large group of citizens in Romania and Ukraine for whom humanitarian aid is of vital importance. These are those who because of their small incomes cannot afford to buy themselves necessary clothes and footwear. Sixty percent of the income of an average citizen is spent on food items. By giving these needy ones food, they can put more of their income to other necessities, or pay off debts for public services.

The Food Parcel Project is essential in addressing parents. When parents are not able to provide for themselves, the results are different kinds of psychological and physical maladies. They become fearful, depressed, or aggressive. Unable to change the situation, they get involved in alcohol and drug addictions. In addition, besides their financial disability, they are burdened with their needlessness. Even though the program cannot solve the problem of poverty, it can solve the feeling of needlessness for some people and give them a new stimulus to live.

The Food Parcel Project is also important in addressing the problems of children. Since these children live in surroundings which society can’t change or influence, they are doomed to exist in their own world with no prospects for future life. The basic provisions of society, such as receiving a good education, finding a job, and receiving a good salary, having a private living place, and receiving proper medical help, are not possible for them. The absence of good living conditions, good food, and medical treatment, often results in different chronic diseases. We may partially influence the future of children from socially-isolated families, first of all by psychological and pastoral consultations, and also by providing material help for improving their living conditions and meeting everyday needs.