Sponsor a Child

You can sponsor a child using this general donation of any amount toward child support. If you would like a specific child, please call the office.


We are often asked questions by Western supporters regarding what impact their gifts have on the lives of those whom we help.  

This report illustrates how a gift of $50.00 per Ukrainian child makes his or her life different. Our contacts from all around Ukraine talked to the families and children representing various groups: from Christian homes, from pastor’s families, from students of Christian Schools, from the refugees who had to escape from war in Eastern Ukraine, and children from state orphanages etc. These stories are examples showing the situations of children and families we support in Ukraine.

Let them speak to us:

Illya and Polina

The father of these children is a minister. They had to leave the Donetsk region (Eastern Ukraine) last year because of the war, and because of threats from the separatists against all evangelicals. Presently, their father continues to preach in several prisons in the area they relocated to. A Christian relief organization supports the family with $150.00 per month, but their apartment rental costs $200.00 per month. As refugees, they had social payments provided by the government for six months, but that is over now. Currently, they are surviving because of foodstuff donated by the local churches, and because of any available temporary jobs that their father can find. Financial support of $50.00 per month per child will help to solve some problems for the family such as: food varieties and needed clothing.

“And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth Me.” Matthew 18: 5


COAH Monthly Orphan Sponsorship Program

Those who support the Monthly Orphan Sponsorship Program will receive a picture and a brief background of their sponsor child.