Provide a Church

You can call the office if you wish to support a specific church building project, or you can make a general donation of any amount toward all building projects using this form.

Do you remember the days of the Iron Curtain? Preaching was prohibited. Christians were persecuted. The communists tried very hard to extinguish religion, but they did not realize that God’s Kingdom cannot be destroyed. Today, the glorious gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is being preached by those who survived the persecutions. Little groups that started off in tents or shacks are growing rapidly. There are pastors who are starting up new groups in almost every town they enter, so much so, that they have been told to slow down simply due to the lack of pastors. COAH is involved in helping them build churches. We have experienced that wherever we build a church in a small village, it has attracted many to come and listen to the preaching. 

There are still many lost souls who are living in spiritual darkness and need help, but there are also the newly-converted who need to know more of the Lord Jesus Christ. With your help, we can continue our efforts to plant churches in the former Soviet Union, so that the gospel that we are privileged to hear every Lord’s Day may be proclaimed in Eastern Europe.