TB Outreach

We have three constant team members and few assistants from local churches of Zaporozhye. During one day we would visit six hospital departments of the Zaporozhye regional tuberculosis hospital, with 500-600 people in them. Not everyone is ready to listen to the Word of God, but about 300 people receive us with joy. For some of them, meeting us is the only joy in the gloomy hospital rooms filled with fear and feeling of death.

In addition, once a week, we visit a TB dispensary outside the city. Hopeless patients who do not have a chance of recovery are sent there. We go into every hospital room, tell people about God, give out the New Testaments and Christian literature. The majority of patients are people who live below the poverty line. Many of them are former prisoners, alcoholics and drug addicts, abandoned by all. These people cannot afford to buy even the bare essentials. Therefore, apart from preaching the Gospel, we want to show people in practice the kindness and care of God, helping them to supply their vital needs (medicine, hygiene products, food, glasses, and clothes).

Hard everyday life in the hospital rooms lead people to deep depression. We try to enliven their lives. We congratulate them on their birthday, celebrate Christian feast days with them and bring them to church services.

Over the past three months, four people have shown a great desire to know Christ. Out of those who came to Christ before, two people died and three were discharged from hospital, one of them was sent to one of our rehabilitation homes.