My name is Irina. I am 28 years old. I lost my parents early and grew up as one of the street children. I got addicted to drugs early. Before I realized it, my experimenting with drugs grew into a mode of life. At the age of 18, I realized that in order to get the money to shoot up, I needed to do crime. I was afraid to be put in jail, so I tried to be very prudent. I found so-called "sponsors", whom I helped to get drugs. One of those "sponsors" was put in prison, and he offered me a deal. I had to cash out his criminal money, use them to buy drugs and bring it to him to prison. Therefore, I had to marry him. Soon, I became pregnant and in 2011, I gave birth to my son Rostik. The birth of the child made us think about the future and we decided to quit drugs. When my husband was released from prison, all our good intentions remained only in our memories. Three months later, he was put in prison again. This was his tenth term. He was given five years. I tried to shoot up less often, but I could not quit drugs. My son saw all this and I was very scared and hurting. I wanted to stop, but I could not. Every day I asked God to kill me or help me escape this captivity. The Lord showed me His mercy. After a while, I met a friend drug addict who recently went through rehabilitation program in Zaporozhye. He told me that there are people who help folks like us. I realized that God was giving me one more chance and was ready to go anywhere. I had to leave my son with relatives for some period of time. It was very painful, but I realized that this was my last chance. So, two months passed. Ministers in the rehabilitation center saw my worries and prayed intensely, and advised me to take my son Rostik to the rehabilitation center. Rostik started going to kindergarten. Soon, I realized how much God was drawing me and showing me all my sins. I turned with all my heart to God for mercy. Approaching the final stage of rehabilitation, I started looking for a job. It took me about three months. The ministers of the rehabilitation center helped me find a job and temporary housing, which for the first while they helped me to pay for. So I graduated from the rehabilitation center after 14 months, but still I consider it my home.

My short-range plans are to join the church and to impart Christian values ​​to my son. I owe him too much, from love to a good example. I want to show him Christ in my life. I thank the Lord and everyone who played a role in my life. Much has been rethought, I regret a lot, and in many things, I had to repent. However, without the past, there would be no present. Now I have full confidence in my happy future with Christ.