Book Ministry

Book ministry in Ukraine East develops in three directions: work with churches, work with relocatees and distribution of books in the near-front zone. In the first quarter, we visited 12 churches and 3 home groups. Based on our books, four groups, five rehabilitation centers and four assistance centers for relocatees hold their studies. Forty pastors refilled their personal and church libraries. Our books were presented at three conferences: in Zaporozhye, Mariupol and Vinnitsa. We cooperate with five publishers, and have various books, such as:

  • Puritan literature;
  • literature for youth and children;
  • educational literature for studying in small groups;
  • developmental literature;
  • evangelistic literature.

Within three months, about 4,000 books and pamphlets were distributed in East Ukraine.

In working with relocatees, we mainly use evangelistic literature. With people who receive help for an extended period, we have feedback: we hold counseling sessions, various meetings and provide them with books.

One of the immigrants, Natalia Stepanova from Gorlovka, came to Zaporozhye in the midst of the war. After being in desperate circumstances, alone with her child and surviving the mortal danger under fire, for a long time she could not get rid of ​​suicidal thoughts. We began to support her over the long haul and tried to always be there for her. She doubted for a long time and hesitated, but still attended services. At one of the services, without restraining tears, she turned in prayer to the Lord. The next day she came to work with a smile on her face and with God's peace in her heart. Praise God for His grace.