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Oradea | Romania

Hold My Hand

Because of these developments CE Oradea had to extend the afterschool project for street children, poor children and children coming from broken families by taking care of a daily warm meal as well.

An organization committed to spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ across the vast population of people who have been deprived of this Good News for generations and providing aid to Churches and Christians in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Soup Kitchen Project

Support those who make and serve free hot meals to the hungry in the soup kitchen program. This project also provides a means to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Christian Literature

Pastor Igor Semenov sees the great significance for the churches scattered across the regions.

Sponsor a Child

There are thousands of children who do not have a home, comfort, care or love. They have very little food or clothing and suffer silently. They desperately need your help.

Sponsor a Pastor

COAH is increasingly involved in the support of pastors. There is at present a tremendous hunger for the Word of God in the former USSR. Throughout the huge continent pastors are preaching the doctrines of free grace as never before. 

Sponsor a Family

There is not only a great need for food, but due to unemployment, there is also a great need for the bare necessities of a family. 

Winter Help Project

The winter is particularly difficult for orphans and the elderly. Some do not even survive because of the conditions that they live in.

Emergency Relief Fund

Military action in Eastern Europe has created many problems outside of the church but also within the church.

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